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Green cleaning in your home or small business

Be clean be green with GreenerNcleaner

for our green cleaning business -cleaning your homes and small businesses safely and kindly - both to your health and your wallet in the Teesside and North Yorkshire area.

Please feel free to browse the information shown here on eco friendly green cleaning and then email us for a chat and let us see if we can help you bring your home or small business back to its full potential without using all those harmful chemicals. Spring clean your home or business the eco friendly green way with us here at greenerNcleaner and do your bit for your home, your health and your wallet.

Why choose us?:

Worried about the exposure of yourself or small children to harmful household chemicals?
Use a septic tank and worried about upsetting its delicate balance with bleach and other harmful products?
Unsure of how to use borax substitute and vinegar and other new to you cleaning products?
Does your air freshener or other products irritate your nose?
Do you go through boxes of tissues or eye drops or feel tired and groggy in your home?
Does the smell and the health and safety warnings on that cleaning product you use on the oven worry you?
Too busy to clean but just cant find a regular reliable service in your area?
Hate cleaning the bath/ oven / cooker etc and want rid of those jobs you love to hate?
A busy bed and breakfast owner tired at the end of the season and wanting a spring or summer or winter deep clean?
Need a special overnight service so your cafe/ bnb/ small business can stay open during the day?
Need a deep clean or a one off service with the option of top ups at intervals to suit you?
Want a service to suit YOUR needs? Then call us!

Areas we already work in:

We currently cover villages in and around the North Yorkshire Moors National Park including Guisborough, Boosbeck, Margrove Park, Skelton, Castleton, Danby, Lingdale, and most of the other surrouding villages. Our other areas include Billingham in Teesside and surrounding districts as well as Gateshead in Tyne and Wear and its immediate surrounding areas. We would love to hear from you if your area isnt on this list so contact us and we will do our best to work something out.

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